Funny Stories About Random Drivers Challenging Tesla Owners To Races

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Going by the number of stories that we’ve published concerning Tesla owners racing various gas-powered cars over the last few years (sorry to those who don’t like this aspect of our site, but numbers are considerably against you…) it should be pretty obvious that a lot of people, when they see a Tesla Model S or Roadster, just can’t help but want to issue a challenge.

An interesting (and often funny) forum topic on that subject was recently started on the Tesla Motors Club forum, allowing Tesla owners to relate their stories about being challenged by all sorts of vehicles and drivers — from adolescents in Hondas with “fart” mufflers, to middle-aged guys in minivans.

Tesla Model S Blue
Tesla Model S

artsci” started it all off with this observation:

Over the 2 1/2 years I’ve had my Model S I’ve noticed some
clear pattens with cars and drivers who consistently try to challenge the Model S at stop lights or other situations where macho men have a problem keep their testosterone in check. Here’s my top three list in rank order:

1. BMW’s of neally any year or model driven by a male of any age
2. Adolescent males driving severely lowered Hondas with wing spoilers and “fart” mufflers
3. Any minivan driven by a middle-age male

Nearly all end up with a very bad spanking :)
Let’s have some fun with this :)

There are a lot of good comments, here are just a few of them:

“beeeerock” commented:

Very first day, home after a 350 km drive from the service center and delivery of the car. Just topped up at the supercharger for the last few km’s home. It’s dark by this time and up beside me at a light on a lonely stretch of road comes a modded Mustang… hood cut out to allow the big air intake and blower or whatever to sit up top, obscuring the driver’s vision.

Mine isn’t a P, but he lost anyway. I laughed the rest of the way home… :)

“JeffS” noted:

It’s only been 2-1/2 weeks, but so far – only one Mustang. It was a (approx) 2012 GT with a very polite and courteous mid 20’s male driver who was totally excited to see me. He rolled down his window and politely asked me to “please punch it, I want to see if I can keep up…” He understood in advance that this was not going to be a race to see who wins, but a race to see how much a Mustang loses by. I thought it was very nice. No other challenges. And coming from a Volt where every uneducated dumba@@ wants to play…this is a refreshing change.

And “Ugliest1” tempered things a bit with this:

There is at least one Aston Martin DB9 in Victoria, maybe two, and last summer on our main in/out road (3 lanes each way! Wow!) he and I ended up at 3 red lights. Each green I had the distinct feeling that he wanted to race, and I had to fight myself “just to see”, but, the last thing I need with an easy-to-remember licence plate is to be charged with “racing” along with its automatic confiscation of any participating automobiles. With the short distance between lights it would have been, I think, to Model S advantage with quicker off-the-line torque. But if that’s true, and if the other driver was an idiot (I’m not saying he was) and got his ego bruised and took things farther than a quick look-see, and injured a pedestrian or worse, that would also be on me as a participant. So I was a good boy.

6 thoughts on “Funny Stories About Random Drivers Challenging Tesla Owners To Races”

  1. Seriously? My new Model S has a 280 mile range. If you can’t manage driving any car with that range between refueling it’s questionable if you should be driving. Not to mention buying gasoline which is the number 1 source of funding for Isis and terrorism. Think about it, if all the Isis funding came from diamonds would you buy a diamond? If you want to save your planet and your life buy and drive an EV. And to prove my point, I have put 18k miles on a previous Model S without EVER running out of battery. How often do you drive more than 280 miles in one day?

      1. Rob, you might also consider a used Model S by then as well. They will be about the same price and plenty of other Model S owners will have proven they are 500k+ mile cars. And don’t forget, the warranty on the drive-train and battery is 8 years unlimited miles! There are already 2012 Models S used cars available for $45k.

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