Funny Bike Video: "Cycling Sucks"

Here’s a great fun video for you bike lovers (or those of you all-too-familiar with the agony of sitting in your car for countless hours in traffic, struggling to find parking, or getting a hefty speeding ticket).

Luckily, we also got a translation of the video from a friendly reader over on EcoLocalizer:

Cop says: “So mister, how fast were we going? Huh?” Cue music

voice-over traffic newscaster: “Traffic jam for 24 kilometers. There have also been some accidents on the A-12, from Arnhem to Utrecht, and near Maarsbergen 11 km. And from Utrecht to the Hague near Rijswijk…”

“Vervelend he, fietsen?”: What a drag ha, cycling?

Rhonda Winter of EcoLocalizer, mentioning the source of the video, reports:

I just came across this hilarious and clever video about the many benefits of bike transportation on a polish blog, This is the first of two commercials that were created for a school project to promote the use of bicycles. Wit and humor are used quite effectively to show just how simple, sustainable and unproblematic bicycle transport is.

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