Fun, Informative System for Making (& Sticking to) a Green New Year’s Resolution

Want to make a green New Year’s resolution? Of course you do. A cool site powered by Fashioning Change (a startup “working to create positive systemic change by engaging people on a daily basis to engage, and grow, in green living”) gives you a number of good options, incentives and tips to commit to them (specifically tailored to the resolution, or resolutions, you choose), and a way of comparing your actions to your friends’ (through a Green Points system) or to others’ on Facebook who have committed to a green New Year’s resolution.

“Our Green 2011 Application gives people the information, tools, and opportunity to minimize waste pollution, ClimateChange, exposure to neurotoxins, protect worker rights, and avoid greenwashers,” Fashioning Change CEO and Founder Adriana Herrera wrote in an email to me.

So, head on over to the Fashion Change Green 2011 website to get started.

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