French City Fréjus No Longer Hosting Bullfights

Activist organizations like the League against cruel sports won a major victory last month in France. The city of Fréjus has banned bullfighting, meaning that bullfighting is now almost entirely situated in the south-west corner of the country.

Here’s more via the League:

Last month, the Mayor of the French municipality of Fréjus announced that the city will no longer host bullfights. The decision was taken following considerable work from our partner organisations including Alliance Anticorrida, CRAC and FLAC.

Previously, 15,000 inhabitants of Fréjus had signed a petition against bullfighting in their area. This served to send a strong signal to decision-makers that bullfighting was a significant issue for local residents.

The abandonment of bullfighting in Fréjus (which is situated in the Côte d’Azur, in the south-east of France) means that bullfighting is now almost entirely concentrated in the south-west of the country.

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Photo Credit: stevendepolo via flickr (CC license)

3 thoughts on “French City Fréjus No Longer Hosting Bullfights”

  1. Good news – one more step forward into the 21st century – but many more to go,before this dreadful archaic business is abolished universally.

    Well done,Fréjus, well done to all those dedicated activists working so tirelessly on behalf of the terribly tortured animals.

  2. I am most happy with this news, thank God France has agreed to ban bullfighting, maybe by example Spain and will come to its senses as well as other countries, and realize that this is far from being a sport, but rather a cruel inhuman behavior against a magnificent living creature such as the bulls. Spain is a very religious country therefore, the ones supporting this cruelty should know the evilness of this action, but so far no much of that has happened, so I hope in the future Spain enjoying this century soon, and finally they can abandon this archaic believes, and become a compassionate country.

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