Free Valentine's E-Cards (the Green Way to Go)

Of course, with Valentine’s Day tomorrow, if you don’t have a card yet, you need to get on it. But, seriously, leave the trees alone this year and go green by sending one of the many free Valentine’s e-cards that are available.

Never sent an e-card? Don’t worry, it’s not so hard. Need help looking for some good ones? Here are a few good places to look around:


Getting an ecard from Care2 helps generate donations to a number of great organizations. And, yes, they are all free. I’ve been sending their cards for years and getting many more in return from my family members and friends. Care2 has a full Valentine’s section with a variety of options (many of which are interactive, video cards these days).


Not into Care2’s cards or style? OK, understandable. Maybe take a look at someecards. They’ve got some of the funniest cards around for people from all spectra of society (I think). Check out their Valentine’s options here (sample above and below). Warning: this can be very addictive and time-consuming. (2nd warning: many of these are clearly aimed at people open to talking about sex and making jokes related to it.)

WWF Valentine’s E-Cards

One of my favorite organizations, WWF, also offers free e-cards for Valentine’s Day now. They’ve got a number of beautiful and touching cards with plenty of pictures of cute animals and is where I’m sending mine from this year. And while you’re poking around looking for free, green Valentine’s cards, you may learn a thing or two and feel inspired to help the world out a bit while your at it. But don’t let that sentence deter you if you just want a cool card. They’ve got some that are really worth checking out.

Any other favorite sources for free e-cards?

Update: More Free E-cards for Valentine’s Day

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Image Sources: someecards; someecards

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