Fragile Day Song Benefits Gulf Oil Spill Cleanup [MUSIC VIDEO]

Wilderland Fragile Day song

More music to help with the BP oil spill cleanup.

I’ve written about the combination of great music and environmental activism here on Planetsave a few times recently (see: The Mercy Project Update (1st Listening of Pauli Carman’s Remake of Marvin Gaye’s Classic “Mercy, Mercy Me”) & Environmental Music Films).

A good friend of mine, Adam Shake, found another great environmental music story recently that I thought was worth sharing as well. Musical duo Wilderland and some top music industry veterans have released a new song titled “Fragile Day” (available for sale at iTunes for $1.98 per download) and they are sending 100% of the proceeds to 3 organizations helping with the Gulf of Mexico oil spill cleanup: The Gulf Restoration Network, EarthShare and The WILD Foundation.


“Heralding from the mountains of Ashland, Oregon, Wilderland features singer-songwriters Scott Blum and Kat Sanchez. A veteran from the music industry, Blum (multimedia producer for Peter Gabriel, Soundgarden and many others) balances the exquisite vocal styling’s of Sanchez who had been a member of a wide range of local bands most of her life,” Adam writes.

After writing several original songs, the musicians began collaborating with renowned underground DJ and multi-instrumentalist Rara Avis (Desert Dwellers, Shaman’s Dream) to realize their musical vision. It was during these studio sessions that the Gulf Oil Spill tragedy happened which deeply affected all involved in the project. Ironically, the song “Fragile Day” was being worked on at that very moment, and when explaining the song’s lyrics to Avis, Blum realized that a powerful coincidence was afoot.

With lyrics in the song about fish swimming and dying in an oil-filled ocean (written about two years prior to the BP oil spill), when the BP oil spill hit, Blum’s wife Madisyn Taylor suggested that “Fragile Day” be released immediately with all of its proceeds going towards rehabilitation of the Gulf.

Other big names from the music industry also worked on this project. Toby Wright (Grammy award winning producer of Alice in Chains, Korn, 3 Doors Down, etc.) and Stephen Marcussen (mastering engineer for the Rolling Stones, Stevie Wonder, Seal, Cher, Paul McCartney, etc.) gave some support from their specific fields of expertise.

Wilderland is in the studio now finishing up their first complete album, planned for release in 2011.

For more on this story, check out Adam’s piece on Twilight Earth.

And, of course, visit to download the two-song single for $1.98 and support Gulf of Mexico cleanup and recovery efforts.

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