Former Playboy Playmate Vanessa Carbone Stages Naked Protest Against Japanese Whaling


Former playboy playmate Vanessa Carbone has staged an unconventional protest against Japanese whaling, by holding a naked demonstration outside the Japanese embassy in Santiago, Chile (pictures).

The Argentinian model was among a group of protesters demanding that the Chilean government create a whale sanctuary in the country’s territorial waters. Stripped down to nothing more than a skimpy thong, she unsurprisingly drew the most attention from passers-by.

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Under existing international law, Japan is prevented from killing whales for commercial activities, but is allowed to hunt a specified number each year for so called ‘scientific purposes.’

Although unconventional, it’s likely that Carbone’s actions will help to significantly increase the spotlight on the activities of the Japanese whaling fleet – and on their opponents, who say the Japanese are seeking to re-commence commercial whaling activities by stealth.

Image Credit – svensonsan via on a Creative Commons license

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  1. The Average White Guy

    They’re whaling right here outside my house… I’m located in South Park, PA (a suburb of Pittsburgh). Make sure you come here and protest too!!!

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