Flamboyán {10 Friday Photos + 2 extra}

Flamboyan Photo 1

Delonix regia is an awesome tree that look like it’s burning. In Spanish it’s called “Flamboyán” — that seems to really fit it. Flamboyan is a breathtaking tree worth looking at for hours! There’s nothing what will explain the beauty of that tree to you — just look at it!

Flamboyan Photo 2 Photo Credit: dinesh_valke

Flamboyan Photo 3 Photo Credit: Altagracia Artisty

Flamboyan Photo 4 Photo Credit: yaruman5

Flamboyan Photo 5 Photo Credit: galabgal

Flamboyan Photo 6 Photo Credit: Tony Rodd

Flamboyan Photo 7 Photo Credit: anion

Flamboyan Photo 8 Photo Credit: MissyMe2020

Flamboyan Photo 9 Photo Credit: martinedevolder

Flamboyan Photo 10 Photo Credit: aviac

Flamboyan Photo 11 Photo Credit: Altagracia Aristy

Flamboyan Photo 12 Photo Credit: Mauricio Mercadante

Then, we moved from Australia to Southern Spain and Africa. 🙂

Top Photo Credit: Fresh Pasta

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