Fiat Chrysler Holding Settlement Talks With Diesel Vehicle Owners In US In Relation To Allegations Of Excessive Emissions

Fiat Chrysler lawyers are now holding discussions with lawyers representing various owners and owners groups of diesel vehicles in the US that are in the process of suing the prominent auto manufacturer, in relation to allegations of excess emissions in old diesel models.

The news — revealed by a court-appointed adviser at a hearing in San Francisco — follows on the US Justice Department filing suit against Fiat Chrysler back in May 2017, alleging that the company utilized illegal “defeat devices” to defraud regulators and release excess emissions. The US Justice Department allegations relate to around 104,000 vehicles sold in the US since 2014.

After that public suit was filed numerous private suits were filed by owners and ex-owners of Fiat Chrysler diesel vehicles.

Reuters provides more: “Court settlement master Ken Feinberg said at a court hearing in San Francisco Tuesday that ‘term sheets’ or proposed settlement documents have been exchanged between Fiat Chrysler and diesel owner lawyers.”

“Feinberg said the proposals were briefly discussed at a meeting Tuesday with the parties, along with the Justice Department, California Air Resources Board, and German auto supplier Robert Bosch GmbH, which develops diesel vehicle systems, and has also been sued by diesel owners.”

“Feinberg said it was ‘a very healthy discussion on how we might get to yes.’ He added he would hold a day of settlement talks in Washington between the Justice Department and Fiat Chrysler in January, along with another day of talks between the automaker, Bosch, and diesel owners.”

For what it’s worth, of course, Fiat Chrysler execs and representatives still maintain that the company has not “done anything wrong,” and that there were never any illegal defeat devices created “intentionally.”

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