Fate of the World: New Environmental Computer Game [VIDEO TRAILER]

This looks like a sweet game. I’m pretty sure if this came out when I was a kid (or if I had the time to play computer games now), I would be into this.

It looks fun, informative, addictive, and seems to have been created by some top-notch computer game developers…

Here’s more info on the game and some upcoming events:

Social impact gaming indie developer Red Redemption’s English language edition of their PC game Fate of the World is scheduled for global release on Tuesday, February 15 2011.

In Asheville, NC on February 24, Fate of the World will be featured in a panel of distinguished national scientists and leading developers of serious games and gaming technologies titled “Gaming the Future: Connecting Innovation and Education.” Gaming the Future will be hosted by ABSCI, a North Carolina-based sustainable communities’ initiative and will take place at Grove Park Inn Resort & Spa from 9:00 AM until noon.

About the Game

Fate of the World “is a dramatic global strategy game covering the next two centuries, from 2020 to 2200, in which the player must find a way to protect Earth’s ever-depleting resources and climate whilst reconciling the needs of a growing world population that demands more food, power, and living space.” And, of course, time is running out.

“The use of real data and models provides an excellent introduction to the complexities of balancing global energy needs with available resources,” Dr. Otis Brown, Director of the Cooperative Institute for Climate and Satellites in Asheville, North Carolina, says.

Red Redemption “secured the very best in creative gaming talent” for the creation of this game, with music from critically-acclaimed composer Richard Jacques (Mass Effect, Alice in Wonderland and James Bond: Blood Stone) and writing by award-winning screen writer David Bishop (Doctor Who, 2000 AD and Judge Dredd Magazine). The game “has four challenging missions with over 40 hours of compelling gameplay covering 12 regions and steeped in the latest climate science.” The four missions are:

1.      Rise of Africa: No other region has so much to lose or so much to gain. Can you bring peace and prosperity to this troubled continent?

2.      Oil Crisis: Mankind stands at the brink of two disasters: the specter of Peak Oil alongside that of climate change. Can you transition society from oil-dependency to a sustainable energy solution without causing major energy shortages or destroying the environment?

3.      3 Degrees: Our world is rapidly changing. Our nations have agreed they must avoid global warming exceeding 2 degrees Celsius but their emissions targets mean that the world is on course to miss this goal and by 2020 the challenge to avoid global catastrophe is monumental. Once you have achieved 3 degrees or less you unlock the 2 degree challenge. You will lose if the temperature change exceeds 3 degrees by 2200. Can you safeguard both the planet and its people? If not which do you choose?

4.      Dr. Apocalypse: Saving the world is easy! There is only one challenge that benefits a super-villain, to raise the planet’s temperature to a dangerous level and gather all power to yourself! Provides humorous relief and the chance to see the what-ifs!

Can Get the Game by Donating to Oxfam, TckTckTck, or TakeITGlobal

In addition to the option to buy Fate of the World is Available through a number of gaming outlets, you can also get a version of it for donating to Oxfam International, the global TckTckTck campaign, and TakeITGlobal. Some good organizations worth donating to anyway.

3 thoughts on “Fate of the World: New Environmental Computer Game [VIDEO TRAILER]”

  1. My wife and I created a simulation/game concept that blows this away several years ago. I contacted FotW about it when they first brought this out. No response. Hmmm… think they ripped off my idea?


    Scroll down – it’s a long post explaining all the climate and energy issues, etc. – for the simulation idea.

    Let’s see how close their future versions are to ours.


  2. This is a great gaming concept…let’s hope it catches on, and maybe, some player(s) somewhere will work out a solution (or discover a catch) that might find its way into actual policy.

    thanks for getting the news out!

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