Fashionable Activism and Fundraising: I'm Tired of Coal

Tell the world how you feel about our dirty coal addiction by wearing your message right on your arm: I’m Tired of Coal.

You’ll be raising money for the Rainforest Action Network at the same time, because I’m Tired of is donating 50% of each sale to the nonprofit for its continued mission of environmental protection.


The company makes the bracelets from recycled tires, and uses recycled metal in the beads. A whole range of things that we’re all tired (world hunger, cancer, global warming, etc.) are available as bracelets, and half of the $10 price of each is donated to charities that you help to choose.

Here’s the link to grab an I’m Tired of Coal bracelet.

Sounds like a win-win: Recycled materials, raising cash for non-profits, and helping people spread the word about the issues they care about.

We could use a lot more businesses like this.

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