Farmers Suing Monsanto — Help Them Out

farmers sue monsantpNews: “between 1997 and 2010, 144 farmers have already been sued by Monsanto and another 700 have settled out of court for undisclosed sums. Many times these abusive lawsuits force farmers into bankruptcy and off the land,” Food Democracy Now writes. Now, farmers are fighting back and suing Monsanto, so that they can’t be sued any longer for their neighbors’ GMO seeds (which they don’t want) blowing onto their land.

“On January 31, family farmers will finally have their day in court as a federal district court judge has agreed to hear oral arguments on a case challenging Monsanto’s agressive patent infringement lawsuits against farmers. As a plaintiff in the lawsuit, Food Democracy Now! will be there and want to make sure that America’s farmers know that citizens everywhere stand with them.”

Why this is important: GMO mega-corporations are driving real, family farmers out of business around the world every day. And they are creating a monopolistic market in which life is owned by them. This is wrong.

Opportunities for action: Sign this petition by Food Democracy Now in support of these family farmers. And don’t buy foods with GMOs in them!

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  1. EO 13112 defines invasive species as “…an alien (or non-native) species whose introduction does, or is likely to cause economic or environmental harm or harm to human health”. Only a small proportion of non-native species are invasive (See ISAC Definitions White Paper.)

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