Facebook Going Green(wash)?

We’ve covered a big Greenpeace campaign pushing Facebook to “Unfriend Coal” previously here on Planetsave (see: Facebook Unfriend Coal Campaign Video (Brilliant & Super Cute) and Greenpeace, Facebook Convo on Coal, Renewable Energy, and Power). It seems Facebook is getting the message that it needs to green its activities a bit more (or at least it gets the point that the environment we rely on to live and live healthily is important and people care about it), as it has just launched an official “Green” page highlighting some of its green actions and other green news, but Facebook still hasn’t adequately responded to its coal problem.

As Greenpeace writes, “Hopefully the page, and the energy-saving initiatives it describes, is a sign that the company is beginning to seriously consider its environmental impact – not only cost-saving measures. But when – and why not?! – will Facebook commit to stop using polluting coal power?”

It is great that Facebook is taking some measures to be green, but who isn’t these days? And unless it commits to getting off coal, I can’t help but feel that this Green Facebook page has a bit of a greenwash flavor to it.

Here’s a good suggestion from Greenpeace on how to further push Facebook to really go green (in addition to joining its Unfriend Coal campaign):

If you have a minute free now, it would be great if you could join in the conversation on that new Facebook page:

1. Go to Facebook’s new Green page and click the “Like” button to join the page.

2. Leave a comment below any wall update about Facebook’s energy efficiency. Applaud their efforts (really – everything helps and they’re making an effort). But ask them to go further and commit to stop using coal. Something short, polite, and to the point would be best. You can visit our campaign homepage for ideas.

Great advice. I just followed it and suggest you do so, too!

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Photo Credit: Greenpeace

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