Evovelo Head-Turner: Solar-Electric mö

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For a new and invigorating green drive, look no further than the mö, a pedal-powered solar-electric tricycle ride from Evovelo, based in Spain.


Evolo, a startup, has put the finishing touches on its prototype  and now it is looking for beta-testers.

Classified as a velomobile, this ride is similar to the pedal/electric Elf. Like the Elf, the mö is powered by pedal and an electric motor which uses solar electricity.

Here is a sheltered 85-kg (187-lb) tricycle which seats two people. It also has room for things like bags of groceries or an infant seat.

According to gizmag, this pedal-driven ride has a direct drive motor, “the power of which can be adapted to meet legislation in different countries – it could range from 250 up to 1,500 watts. Besides receiving electricity from the rooftop photovoltaic panels, its 48V/15Ah battery pack can also be recharged via a sealed exterior charging port, or it can be removed and taken indoors to charge.”

Evolvelo writes, “mö is a solar urban vehicle that will be approved as a tandem tricycle, fully enclosed to protect users from the weather conditions, and capable to hold two people and some cargo and/or one or two child seats. mö is ultra-efficient and built with sustainable materials.”

The vehicle’s range is approximately 50 km (31 miles) in motor-only mode. Then it’s pedal-power time. Of note, the removable battery can be charged by plugging it in to charge at home or at the office.

Other features include windows that fold down, a full lighting system and horn, mirrors, 20-inch composite or aluminum wheels, anti-puncture tires, and a choice of drum or disc brakes. The body is made mainly from sustainable materials, such as wood or cellulose derivatives.

For those interested, Evovelo is seeking beta testers for the mö. The company can be contacted at this link. The vehicle is expected to sell for around €4,500, or about US$4,886. For DIYers, the open source designs will be made available once the beta program is complete.

Image via evovelo

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