The EV Revolution (VIDEO)

A new video on climate solutions from the wonderful videographer Peter Sinclair highlights the EV revolution. Furthermore, what it really highlights is what I’ve been emphasizing as much as possible for the past year or so: the #1 thing that will really create an EV revolution is the absolutely fun and helpful instant torque that electric vehicles bring to the table.

Peter does a good job highlighting this point with the intro showing a 2011 Nissan LEAF ad focused on environmental issues (that one really brought me back) and then a few minutes later a new 2014 Nissan LEAF highlighting the LEAF’s great acceleration (great ad, by the way).

The video also highlights the low cost of electricity when it comes to transportation “fuel.” It’s also very stable, while the cost of oil/gas is highly volatile. Of course, this often leads to big financial savings.

And the video touches on the safety benefits electric cars can offer.

One thing the video misses, however, is “the other #1 factor” that I think will drive an electric car revolution: convenience. Being able to charge your car at home as you sit on the couch, eat dinner, sleep, or whatever, is massively more convenient than filling up a gas tank. Saving hours upon hours looking for a gas station, pulling into one, filling up, paying, etc is probably the most underrated benefit of electric cars these days.

Anyhow, though, it’s a great video. Watch it above if you haven’t yet, and a big thanks to Peter.


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