EPA Release List of Most Wanted Environmental Criminals, Many 'Armed and Dangerous'


The US Environmental Protection Agency has released a list of its most wanted environmental criminals, many of whom may be ‘armed and dangerous,’ and wants your assistance in helping to hunt them down.

The list is published on a new EPA website, which also contains photos of the accused, summaries of their alleged environmental violations, and information on each fugitive’s last known whereabouts. It is hoped that the site will enable the public to help in tracking down fugitives accused of violating environmental laws and evading arrest.

However, the EPA also warns that some fugitives may be armed and dangerous, and cautions the public against trying to apprehend them. One of the criminal’s, Denis L. Feron, had installed a secret pipe behind a factory that he owned that was discharging pollutants into a tributary of the Mississippi River. Another, Mauro Valenzuela, allegedly transported waste oxygen generators on a plane without proper safety measures. The plane crashed, killing 110 passengers.

The EPA hopes that the innovative tool will increase the number of ‘eyes’ on the hunt for these dangerous characters. The move follows an earlier initiative by the Earth Liberation Front, which has also published a gallery of so called ‘eco-terrorists.’ Let’s hope both websites are successful, before any of the fugitives manage to commit new crimes.

Image Credit – A6U571N via flickr.com on a Creative Commons license

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  1. the EPA’s list of eco terrorists is more of hitman list. while the ELF’s is the big cheese list that idealy should be the target. of course though, it’s not a priority as it won’t net any monetary gain.

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