Environmental Music Films

Like music? Like the environment? I was recently introduced to some excellent Environmental Music Films (EMFs) by Kristen Farquhar on YouTube that connect the two beautifully.

Kristen writes that these EMFs are “meant to stir” people’s hearts and minds and are “about our human RELATIONSHIP (self, and other) with land, sea, and sky, and all life that inhabits these realms.”

EMFs made so far are for southern Colorado, which is “facing a possible military take-over of ‘Sacred Lands’ where ancient writing (our human history) is pecked into rock,” and the Florida Everglades.

“The Florida Everglades is a land endangered that needs protection and preservation. Its ecosystem is like no other in the world. Florida’s geological foundation is limestone – it “breathes” water in and out on the surface and underground. BP’s Oil Disaster is threatening all life in this region. We, as humans, are put on High Alert to care for this area of the world which includes the entire gulf coast – those lands and life effected by the oil spill,” Kristen writes.

To view these great films, visit the EMF YouTube page.

Also, if you haven’t heard Pauli Carman’s recent remake of the Marvin Gaye classic, “Mercy, Mercy Me,” I encourage you to make your way over to one of our posts on that (linked above) to listen to the beautiful and influential cover.

Photo Credit: screenshot of EMF Channel on YouTube

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