Endangered Sea Turtles Being Burned Alive by BP in BP Oil Spill Clean-up [VIDEO INTERVIEW]

endangered sea turtles being burned alive by BP

Endangered sea turtles are being burned alive in BP oil spill “clean-up” efforts. Bad enough, right? But why are rescue crews hired by BP to save and protect these turtles being blocked from doing so? Is this on purpose in order to burn costly legal evidence?

Yes, you read that title correctly, endangered sea turtles are being burned alive as part of BP’s “oil spill clean-up” efforts. Furthermore, a boat captain that was hired by BP and the Coast Guard to rescue these sea turtles reports that he and his workers are being purposefully blocked from doing so by BP and its contractors.


“Shrimp boater Mike Ellis says that BP has shut down the sea turtle operation by preventing boats from getting to the turtles,” Tracy Viselli of Care2 reports.

“Controlled burns” are part of the effort to contain the oil spill, but animals trapped in these areas are getting burned alive without care or concern or a real effort to save them.

Why might BP be blocking rescue teams from saving these endangered sea turtles (which are mostly Kemp’s Ridleys) before they are burned? Perhaps because the fine for harming or killing a Kemp’s Ridley endangered sea turtle is between $25,000 and $50,000.

Bodies of dead animals are being collected as evidence for determining BP’s liability, and some are suggesting that BP is trying to avoid these fines by burning the sea turtles.

For more information on this matter, watch the Sea Turtle Restoration Project’s interview with Mike Ellis below.

To take action on this issue, visit Credo’s “BP is burning endangered sea turtles alive” action page.

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Image Credit: fredsharples via flickr/CC license

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