Electric Scooter/Briefcase — #FTW or #FAIL

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If you’ve ever wanted a briefcase that can transform into an electric scooter (like a Transformer πŸ™‚ ), well, then you’re now in luck. Green Energy Motors Corp is now offering just such a scooter/briefcase.

Looks like your dreams have come true — if you have $6000 dollars, that is…. (For those genuinely interested, there is currently a 50%-off introductory offer running.)

Image Credit: Green Energy Motors Corp.
Image Credit: Green Energy Motors Corp.

The “Commute-Case” — as it’s been dubbed — has a range of about 25 miles per charge, and features a push-button throttle and lever brakes. It can be deployed relatively quickly — five seconds or so. And it actually does feature a number of compartments for carrying things — so it does function as a briefcase, not just as a scooter.

A notable downside, though, is that it weighs in at a relatively hefty 27 lbs. The weight can be counteracted somewhat through the use of the trolley mode — which allows you to wheel it behind you like luggage.

Image Credit: Green Energy Motors Corp.
Image Credit: Green Energy Motors Corp.

Despite the novelty of it, and it’s potential usefulness, I wonder how well it will sell considering the price tag. GreenCarReports shares my pessimism, asking “but at six grand? Or even three? We’re not so sure. Six grand gets you quite a lot of electric bicycle these days, or a jolly nice custom briefcase.”

“And a combination of the two probably won’t be quite as conspicuous as the guy riding his briefcase to the office. Notably, there are no pictures or videos of anyone actually riding the Commute-Case, just carrying it effortlessly and dragging it behind them.”

What do you think? Will anybody you know be using one of these?

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