Effort to Ban $1 Billion Fur Industry in Denmark

injured fox fur farm Denmark

Denmark’s largest newspaper, Ekstra Bladet, activists from the animal welfare organization ANIMA, and Danish TV2 have revealed horrible animal cruelty at mink and fox farms in Denmark. Some of the things they caught on camera were a fox with three legs lagging around in its cage; a fox with a mouth full of abscesses; a mink with a lame hind leg that could not move; and a whole raft of mink with open flesh wounds. Here’s a little bit of video footage on the matter (better if you speak Danish).


“Operation X” revealed this animal cruelty in 2009, but a recent follow-up investigation has revealed that nothing has really changed since then, so ANIMA and others are pushing for a complete ban on the $1 billion Denmark fur industry to address these problems.

I was recently tipped off to this story via Change.org, where there’s a petition regarding the matter. The petition is directed at Kristian Thuelsen Dahl of the Danish People’s Party, Dan Jorgensen of the European Parliament, and Herman Van Rompuy, President of the European Commission. It asks that the government put an immediate ban on fur production in Denmark given the animal cruelty exposed by journalists and ANIMA.

Of course, as you could guess, I think it’s worth quickly signing this petition (embedded below). Also, you can do more by heading over to ANIMA’s site and supporting them or their activities today.

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Image Credit: screenshot of video above

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