U.S. Economic Stimulus Package Needs to Keep it Clean: New Roads Means New Pollution

A new campaign launched by Friends of the Earth calls for investing in clean options for transportation, not in building new roads.

The government’s new stimulus package is in grave danger of being hijacked by the road-building industry to redirect billions of dollars toward new roads that we simply don’t need. New Roads = New Pollution aims to mobilize grassroots activists to fight for a clean investment in our future.


“More roads mean more pollution and more dependence on oil—hurting our economy, security and climate. Investments in clean transportation alternatives, as well as road and bridge maintenance and repair, create more jobs than new road construction and help families save money on gas. Focusing an economic stimulus package on such clean investments should be a no-brainer.” – Colin Peppard, Friends of the Earth

30% of the global warming pollution and 70% of the oil use in the US is said to be directly related to transportation, and any proposed energy solutions should certainly include a closer look at our transportation policies. According to Friends of the Earth, studies have shown that road construction leads to more driving, which leads to more global warming pollution and higher oil consumption. “Ten miles of new four-lane highway result in emissions equivalent to the lifetime emissions of more than 45,000 Hummers”.

“The public needs to make it clear that the old way of doling out transportation funds—where pork-barrel politics and earmarks ruled the day—must end. We need smart and clean investments, not more bridges to nowhere.” – Kate McMahon, Friends of the Earth

Add your signature for more green jobs and less new roads: New Roads = New Pollution. Keep the stimulus clean.

Image: ktylerconk at Flickr under Creative Commons License

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