Ecomagination Photo Project

I recently got tipped off to a great website and project, the GE ecomagination photo project.

The simple deal with this project is, as a friend wrote to me, “for every photo uploaded to flickr, a donation will be made to communities in need of clean water, solar light, and wind turbine powered electricity.”

Sounds good, eh? All you have to do to help out some people in need is upload some cool (or not cool) photos of water, light, or wind.

“Each uploaded photo will generate either:  480 gallons of safe clean drinking water, 170 hours of solar light, or 4.5 kw hours of wind powered electricity.”

The goal is to get a total of 30,000 photos and, thus, provide communities with: “4.8 million gallons of fresh, clean drinking water through the building of fresh water wells.1,700,000 hours of solar light for families in need.45,000 kw hours of wind turbine powered electricity.”

However, the project has already received its goal for water photos, according to the website, so now it is just in need of light and wind photos. If you participate, you can upload up to 3 photos a day every day.

This is such a simple, fun way to help people out, it seems like a no-brainer. The website is fun and beautiful as well.

Pick out some of your favorite “wind” and “light” photos and head on over to the GE ecomagination photo project site now to do your part. And don’t forget that you can upload 3 a day.

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Photo Credit: jurvetson via flickr (CC license)

2 thoughts on “Ecomagination Photo Project”

  1. I’m curious how this works because they don’t explain how they turn these photos into energy. Are they going to sell the photos as stock images to make money? It just isn’t clear how this works and seems like a silly proposal without any explanation. Why would I do this if I have no proof that my photos are really being used for a good cause and how do I have proof that this isn’t some form of “greenwashing”?

    1. @Susie: it seems they got funding from the Ecomagination project. the focus seems to be expanding awareness… & with greater involvement, they get more funding from the project (i think).

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