EcoloBlue Atmospheric Water Generator — Emergency Water Generator

imageThose interested in purchasing an atmospheric water generator may want to check out this recent offering from Molecule New Water Technologies* — the EcoloBlue Atmospheric Water Generator.

The generators offer a potentially effective means of making oneself “water independent,” as the producers state. They are especially useful in the realm of emergency water supply — where the technology is likely highly useful, and possibly a lifesaver — as well as places where one’s local water supply is contaminated.

Amongst other interesting potential uses of the technology mentioned by the retailers at Molecule New Water Technologies is in food production, especially in conjunction with a VertiGro Hydroponics System.

Here’s a bit on that, in the company’s own words:

Being able to produce our own water for drinking and for growing our vegetables in a very small footprint is truly a step towards self sufficiency. You can have fresh vegetables, free of pesticides and chemicals, all within a short reach of your dinner table!

So, we are currently in discussion with VertiGro about becoming an authorized retailer for them as we look for a low water growing solution for our customers. Stayed tuned for more details as this exciting relationship unfolds.

Of course, if you’re concerned about natural gas fracking damaging your water supply, other pollutants getting into your water supply, or simply lack of access to clean water, this is a product to consider buying.

While the products aren’t cheap, one has to consider health and time savings from having clean water that you don’t have to go drive to get from the store week after week or even day after day. There are actually a lot of reasons to get into the atmospheric water generation game.

As far as the specifics of the products that are available — there are a number of different models available ranging in size/price from those that can produce 5-8 gallons of water a day in ideal conditions, and those that can produce several thousand gallons of water a day.

Those interested in more information/prices can find it over at the company’s Molecule Water Technologies website.

*This article was generously supported by Molecule New Water Technologies.

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