Eco-Love (Environment Matters to 52% of Americans in Dating)

green dating survey

I received this graphic above a little before Valentine’s Day, but I’m just getting around to sharing it :D. Nonetheless, I figured it’s as relevant every day as on February 14, and I think it’s something worth paying attention to. The basic finding is that approximately 52% of Americans would question dating someone who was an eco-sinner of one sort or another (who engaged in one of the things above). Of course, this is as reported by humans, and we humans aren’t always able to truly say how we would act (and even lie about that at times), but it’s important to note that many people really do care (or think they care) about the environment and living at least somewhat green lives.

Share with your friends (or even potential special friends) if you’ve got a green gene in you.

As you can see above, the survey was conducted by Timberland, one of the greenest companies on the planet.

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