Earthquake Maps: Today's Virginia Earthquake

I already shared a couple of these maps in my posts on today’s earthquake in Virginia and along the East Coast, but everyone loves maps and especially when it comes to earthquakes, so I thought I’d share all I can find and have some legal right to re-publish.

Here are a few from the USGS (love this first one, but all of them are interesting):

Earthquake Instrumental Intensity Map (click to enlarge).

august 2011 earthquake map virginia

virginia dc usgs earthquake map

Would love to see a bigger and more sensitive map like the one at the top, showing where the shocks were actually felt and how much they were felt. We know from personal accounts it’s been felt all the way up to Canada! Know of anything like that?

Have some more good earthquake maps to share? Please drop us a line in the comments!

All maps via USGS site

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