Drink Tea, Plant a Tree

plant a tree

Honest Tea, one of my favorite tea companies, recently partnered up with the National Forest Foundation to get a whole lot of trees planted. And you can help decide where.

The campaign is called “Bag to Tree” and the goal is to plant 50,000 trees from coast to coast across the nation. The trees will be planted in 5 regions. How does it involve you?

If you go to a participating store and buy 4 or more bottles of Honest Tea, you have the opportunity to take home a reusable shopping bag as well. And with the bag is a unique. Stick the code in on the Bag a Tree page and you can choose which region you’d like a tree planted in. The options, and why they need trees, are as follows (via Honest Tea):

  • the West and Rocky Mountains, which have been affected by wildfires;
  • the Midwest, which requires prairie restoration;
  • the Southeast, which requires reforestation; and
  • the Northeast, which requires hydrology (water) renewal.

The campaign ends on April 30 or whenever the 50,000th tree is planted. There’s already just a week left and there’s a long way to go to hit 50,000, so if you are an Honest Tea lover, stock up and help get some trees planted today (or tomorrow… or sometime before the 30th).

Here’s more on some of the numerous benefits of trees:

In one growing season, a single leafy, mature tree will produce as much oxygen as 10 people inhale in a year.  Just 100 trees are capable of removing five tons of carbon dioxide as well as 1,000 pounds of pollutants annually, including 400 pounds of ozone and 300 pounds of particulates.  Trees naturally clean the soil by absorbing chemicals and they provide vital protection from storm-water runoff.  In urban areas, tree shade can cool the air by as much as 12 degrees and during windy and cold periods, a windbreak of trees can reduce heating bills by as much as 30%.

Honest Tea organized volunteer tree-planting efforts around the country this year for Earth Day, in Virginia, Northern California, Boston, Chicago and Los Angeles. More events are being planned in Florida and Atlanta, Georgia for June. To learn more about Honest Tea’s tree-planting events, the Bag to Tree program, or Honest Tea itself, check out the relevant links.

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