OK, yes, you probably have no idea what DOT is… when I first saw it mentioned, I automatically thought it was referring to the Department of Transportation (due, of course, to my city planning background). But DOT also stands for Do One Thing. The Alliance for Climate Education (ACE) has a cool DOT project going to encourage more personal action to help the environment (check out the site linked above, it’s a cool one).

As part of its DOT project, ACE has a number of short videos with famous green activists, scientists, and Hollywood stars saying what their DOT is. Fun to watch. Here are a few with Ellen Page (star of Juno and Inception), James Hansen (world-leading climate scientist), Joe Romm (world-leading climate change blogger), and Phaedra Ellis-Lamkins (CEO of Green for All):

So, with a little bit of inspiration from these videos of popular greenies, what’s your DOT?

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Photo Credit: Ninha Morandini via flickr (CC license)

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