Don't Let Big Oil Off the Hook

dont let bp off the hook for the bp oil spill

Currently, U.S. law is such that an oil company has to pay no more than $75 million in the event of a disaster. This means billions in damages will not be paid by BP for the BP oil spill. If you think this cap should be raised, take action below.


The damages individuals and small businesses have suffered due to the BP oil spill and BP’s careless operations are well over $75 million. In my opinion, it is absolutely not right that despite illegal and careless actions by a major international company like BP, the company has to pay no more than $75 million to repair those damages.

If you agree with that as well, sign the “Don’t Let Big Oil Off the Hook” petition.

Care2, which is hosting this petition, writes: “Urge the U.S. Senate to pass strong legislation that will lift this cap, and make BP and other multi-billion dollar polluters responsible for the damages their disasters have on our communities, environment and shared resources.

I just became the 13,656th to sign the petition. Help Care2 reach its goal of 15,000 by signing it today.

Image Credit: josephwenkoff via flickr/CC license

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