Dolphins (10 Friday Photos)

Dolphin Photo 1

Dolphins — do you know anybody who doesn’t like them? So cute, so amazing and funny — that’s what they are. What’s more — they’re absolutely intelligent and talented! Can I say that they’re just fabulous animals?

Have any of you swum with dolphins? Can you describe this feeling for those who haven’t had so much fortune to do that (yet)? I hope I will try one day!

Dolphin Photo 2 Photo Credit: Jaimie Rose via Flickr

Dolphin Photo 3 Photo Credit: JoJones via Flickr

Dolphin Photo 4 Photo Credit: choosewisely via Flickr

Dolphin Photo 5 Photo Credit: jill lamb via Flickr

dolphin photo 6 Photo Credit: Rayan M. via Flickr

dolphin photo 7 Photo Credit: markusphotos2011 via Flickr

dolphin photo 8 Photo Credit: Mrs. Gemstone via Flickr

Dolphin Photo 9 Photo Credit: Amilyn_Allen via Flickr

Dolphin Photo 10 Photo Credit: Jasmic via Flickr

Do you have an idea for the next “10 Friday Photos”?

Featured Photo Credit: RickardSjoden via Flickr

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