Do Something Green & Win a Smart Car

Here’s a simple way to possibly win a Smart Car.

  1. Make a green pledge on the Billion Acts of Green® website.
  2. Share your pledge with friends on Twitter, Facebook, and/or email.

Easy, eh?

The pledge options certainly aren’t that challenging either (not the list I probably would have come up with).

The Billion Acts of Green® campaign is being organized by the Earth Day Network, one of the key organizations making Earth Day what it is (… the Earth Day Network also works on “greening schools or promoting green economic policies at home and abroad” in other ways at other times of the year).

SCA, a personal car, forest products, tissue, and packaging company, is underwriting the campaign. Looking for a little green credit? I’m sure. Nonetheless, I’m all for making green pledges…. I just made a pledge now — will let you know if I win 😀

& please do the same if you win (I know you are going to make the pledge since it is completely simple to do).

Photo Credit: jiazi

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