Debunking Myths? Listen to This Podcast!!

I wrote on the Debunking Handbook created by Skeptical Science and some others when it was released. It’s really a must-read, but if you haven’t checked it out and are not sure if you can find the time, this podcast below by Stephen Lacey of Climate Progress with John Cook of Skeptical Science summarizes much of it and is a great podcast. Listen to it here:

Listen to

Why is this critical? Debunking myths, even if you are 100% correct, can actually have the opposite effect in the long term. If not communicated correctly, you could just be going around reinforcing myths that are harmful to the world or the people you are trying to help. Again, listen to the podcast above!

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Source: Must-Hear Podcast: John Cook of Skeptical Science on How to Debunk Climate Myths

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