Colbert Nails Global Warming Deniers — Hilarious Video (+ Top Activism & Politics Stories)

This is insanely hilarious. Why don’t we have more Stephen Colbert’s in the world? I love the whole bit, but the Friends part, the last part  (which you just have to watch), the “[Rush] doesn’t believe in global warming? I don’t believe in warming.. I say the science isn’t in on thermodynamics. I believe water boils because it’s scared of fire; it’s trying to jump out of the pot.” You have to watch it:

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Anyway, here are some more great politics and activism stories of the day.


  • The music of reggae legend Peter Tosh will be used as a rallying cry to involve activists in campaigns from Greenpeace International — HuffPo
  • Climate Caravan Across Bangladesh — Think Progress
  • WWF campaigns for more green energy in Japan — WWF
  • Advocacy Advance Awards $100,000 in Grants — League of American Bicyclists
  • One West Virginia Tree Sitter’s Story of Fighting Injustice — WV Outpost
  • The History of the Battle of Blair Mountain — WV Outpost
  • EPA Ruling Gets Huge Response. Thank You! Now What!? — Natural Papa
  • Sri Lankan activists boycott elephant census — Guardian
  • KPFK’s Sonali Kolhatkar Interviews Author Will Potter (Video) — Green is the New Red
  • Saving Europe’s oceans — Greenpeace

Crazy Tea Party (i.e. Republican Party)

  • Before Calling the EPA a “Job-Killer,” Michele Bachmann Asked for Money from the Agency to Stimulate “Long-Term Benefits” to the Local Economy — Climate Progress
  • Super Congress Stacked With Climate Zombies — Think Progress
  • Persecution Of Polar Bear Scientist Continues — Think Progress
  • Watch out EPA, Fred Upton is on the debt ‘super committee’ — LATimes
  • & this great video of astrophysicist Dr. Neil Degrasse Tyson on Bill Maher (via TreeHugger):


  • People Not Polluters: The Clean Air Promise — Think Progress
  • Lawyers Make Insurance Claim in Bid to Prove Damages From Climate Change — NYTimes
  • Vehicle Emissions Standards Create Jobs, Report Finds — CleanTechnica
  • Gas Tax Set to Be Next Big Fight on Capitol Hill — The Hill
  • Climate Hawks John Kerry And Patty Murray Appointed To Deficit Committee — Think Progress

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