Colbert: "I Know Global Warming is Real"

Comedian Stephen Colbert takes on America’s indifference to global warming despite the mounting evidence that it is here and expected to get much, much worse, perhaps even making the U.S. South uninhabitable for humans… and perhaps even the whole world down the road. Here’s the video:

Some of the highlights in text:

Speaking of not knowing what to do — global warming…. No, radio nation, I know global warming is real folks…. And the evidence for global warming is mounting….

And the United States emits more CO2 per capita than the European Union and China combined.  Just think what those emissions numbers would be if America still made anything.  Right now it’s all coming from hobo fires and Vin Diesel movies.

And the evidence, the evidence of climate change is all around us. This year Texas had the hottest summer on record of any state ever.

In the face of all this mounting evidence, America has stood with one voice and boldly proclaimed: ‘Eh.’

[Jokes and quotes about our addiction to oil]

And ask anyone in addiction recovery — you’ve to hit rock bottom before you can ask for help.

But folks, America has not hit bottom yet.

That’s the truth.

Unfortunate, but true…


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