Climate Activist Punks Big Oil Commercial Shoot


Greenpeace activist and researcher decides to change the script on a fossil fuel astroturfing campaign/commercial. Check it out:

Here’s a little bit from the activist, Connor Gibson, in text too:

If you had the chance to talk to Big Oil directly to its big oily face, what would you want to say?

I recently had such a chance at a commercial shoot run by the American Petroleum Institute, the major lobbying and public relations front for the oil industry (ie ExxonMobilChevronBPShellTransCanada and just about every major oil company)….

Through recorded audio, we got to expose API’s upcoming “Vote4Energy” campaign, which debuts January first on CNN during major political programs. Audio recordings from inside the Vote4Energy commercial shoot can be found on the Greenpeace website, and on Yahoo News. More can also be found at the Checks and Balances Project, where Deputy Director and youth climate leader Gabe Elsner has more recordings from inside the shoot.

Read Connor’s full piece on It’s Getting Hot In Here.

More on this via Greenpeace as well.

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