Clean Your Face(book)–Take Action Today! [cartoon]

From Kelly Mitchell – Greenpeace Coal Campaigner
You have 24 hours to set a world record on Facebook and help get the social network to start powering their website from clean and unlimited energy sources like the sun and the wind, instead of the dirty coal-fired power they’re using right now.
Are you in?
Back in February, (Greenpeace) gave Facebook a deadline of April 22nd to announce a plan to go coal free, but as of today we still don’t have a commitment from them to switch to renewable energy. So we figured it was time to do something that would really get their attention: set a Guinness world record on Facebook by generating 50,000 comments on one post in 24 hours.

The clock started at 1:00 AM EST on Wednesday. You’ve got 24 hours to comment and invite your friends to do the same. And you don’t have to personally have a Facebook account to participate. Just click on whichever link below works best for you and follow the instructions:

Yes, I’m on Facebook and want to set a world record.

No, I’m NOT on Facebook but I want to set a world record.

But that’s only the start, were going to deliver the message in real time by showing your comments in support of renewable energy on a big scrolling screen in front of Facebook’s California headquarters. There is no way Facebook will miss the message or be able to ignore the fact that hundreds-of-thousands of their users want them off coal now.

Facebook is global. So is Greenpeace. We can set this record and, more importantly, get Facebook to change if all of us all over the world work together. Add a comment from your Facebook account or use our system right now and be part of the action. There’s not much time to set the record and your comment is crucial if we want Facebook to notice.

There is a real opportunity here for Facebook to be a force for good and a world leader on this issue. As we begin working to shut down old, dirty coal-fired power plants here in the United States, it’s important that American companies like Facebook don’t work against us by supporting new investments in coal.

Leave a comment. Set a world record. Help start an energy revolution.

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