Clean Coal Does Not Exist

I’ve heard it from those in the business, those living in coal country, and various scientific studies: nothing can make coal clean. Nonetheless, the myth keeps on circulating (I wonder why). I think it coal’s numerous environmental harms need to be broadcast much more.. broadly and loudly this year. People need to realize that coal is destroying more than our climate. Here’s a nice intro to a new piece on our sister site Cleantechnica that gets into that a bit, thanks to a new study on the matter:

The Pennsylvania DEP has just come out with a new report that should help put the “clean coal” myth to rest once and for all. According to the report, the subsidence caused by underground coal mining has impacted hundreds of buildings, springs, wells and ponds across ten counties in southwestern Pennsylvania, where 50 mines are active. Taking into consideration the devastation caused by mountaintop coal mining in the nearby Appalachian region, it’s hard to see where the “clean” fits into the picture.

Read the full story here: Clean Coal: The Gift that Keeps on Giving

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