Chevy Volt Sales Surpassed Nissan Leaf Sales In June

June was a great month for the Chevy Volt — 2698 units of the popular plug-in hybrid sold during June, a 53.3% increase over June 2012. With no more than 1626 units sold during any of the other months of 2013, the uptick in sales must be pleasant news or the company.

Image Credit: Chevy Volt via Wikimedia Commons
Image Credit: Chevy Volt via Wikimedia Commons

June also marks the first month since February that the Chevy Volt outsold the Nissan Leaf EV — outselling the Leaf by 323 units. Year-to-date, the Chevy Volt is slightly ahead of the Nissan Leaf — 9855 units of the Volt have sold compared to 9839 units of the Leaf.

EV Obsession has more on Nissan Leaf sales:

While the Volt did inch it out for #1 plug-in electric vehicle this month, the Nissan Leaf still had an excellent sales month.

Furthermore, compared to 2012, the sales are through the roof. June 2013 saw sales totaling 2,225, up from 535 in June 2012. For the year to date, Leaf sales are up to 9,839 from 3,148 (212.55%)!

As I note every month, the number one reason for the sales burst is most definitely the massive price cut (a $6,400 cut) that came with Leaf manufacturing moving to the US. And the Leaf is certainly an EV leader now due to it relative low price ($28,800), great owner reviews, and quite adequate specs.

Volt sales have grown as well, but not as drastically as Leaf sales have — at the end of June 2012, 8817 units of the Volt had been sold, 1038 units less than had been sold by the end of June 2013. During 2012, Chevy sold a total of 23,461 Volts. The company looks to be on track to surpass that number this year. 🙂

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