Chef Biker Delivering Soup by Bicycle

SoupByCycle Delivery Map

SoupByCycle is the name of a business, and it all started due to a Louisville chef, Ian Richie, losing his job. Starting off delivering homemade soup to his friends via cargo bike and cooler, Richie’s little homegrown business has taken off.. (okay, I’m sure he’s not a millionaire yet, but his business has reportedly been growing from week to week).

Rory Woods of sustainablog reports:

Ian has created a job for himself that combines two of his loves: cycling and cooking. He says that starting his own business is among five of his greatest accomplishments and he hopes that the model he has created will help pave the way for more pedal-powered jobs in his community. So far, several children have approached him and shared that they want to grow up to be a “soup bike guy” – sounds like a great start!

Read more about SoupByCycle via sustainablog’s interview with Richie or by checking out the SoupByCycle website. And if you’re really enthusiastic about this idea, get on a bike and start your own delivery service!

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