Cheerleaders Protest Pet Store Puppy Abuse, Mall Cops Freak [video]

Activists in Portland, Ore. really know how to make a scene in a shopping mall.


Four women dressed as cheerleaders chanted and danced in front of a pet store known to sell sick puppies from puppy mills yesterday before mall security decided they’d had enough. Instead of detaining the cheer leaders, they decided to go after the one male activist who began yelling after the cheering stopped.

The shop in question, Scamp’s, was recently exposed by a three-month investigation by a local news channel to be selling sick and diseased puppies, a common problem with puppies purchased from mills.

The Radical Cheerleaders for Animal Rights decided to perform in front of a Scamps inside Lloyd Center Mall in Portland. After they stopped cheering, another activist informed onlookers exactly why the cheerleaders were there. Security guards proceeded to tackle and detain him, to the disgust of onlooking shoppers who pulled out camera phones and chanted “The whole world is watching!”

Make sure to watch the whole video!


Photo Credit: Portland Indymedia

13 thoughts on “Cheerleaders Protest Pet Store Puppy Abuse, Mall Cops Freak [video]”

  1. Security guards i have had my dealings with them and it is something protest on them ooooh by the way the head of security is something man try to give him hell you will enjoy giveing it to him he is a black guy jermmie michell he thinks is his big man picking on some one that can not fight for them selfs and that person was me

  2. Brittanie/Tori

    After reading reviews and hearing about Scamp’s, a friend and I decided to look into this company. We found that, unfortunately, Scamp’s is just another pet store that takes part in the archaic/cruel tradition of buying and selling “designer dogs”. We found that a good number of the dogs appear to be in poor physical (with dry, warm noses; matted fur; diarrhea; foggy eyes; etc…) and mental (fearfulness; aggression; listlessness; anxiety; etc…) condition. The cages do not meet ASPCA standards for pet stores and the animals receive the absolute minimal level of attention in order to avoid being accused of neglect. We found that, not only, are the employees ignorant of these practices, but they are also EXTREMELY defensive. This is completely understandable because this is their livelihood… However, ignorance, in this situation (as in most) is NOT BLISS. After much research we were finally able to get some young, teenage employees to cooperate and were informed of where the dogs actually come from. We discovered that these so called “breeders” are actually puppy mills. As you may know, puppy mills are extremely dangerous and cruel. Please look up puppy mills on ASPCA or Peta websites in order to learn about the facts. Often times these animals do not make good pets because of their genetic/health/emotional disorders. Luckily for you, they offer a 14-day health guarantee (WHOOP-DI-DOO)! NOT! This should be a red flag for any human being with half a brain… Please do not buy your pets for scamps because you are then supporting these puppy mills. Adopt one of the millions of wonderful dogs in shelters!

    (Also, we are interested in filing a report about Scamp’s and their cruel/neglectful practices. If you are a former employee of Scamp’s or purchased pet from Scamp’s or had any sort of good or bad experience, please e-mail us and let us know!)
    We can be reached at [email protected])
    Thank you.
    P.S. We don’t mean to offend you; we are simply looking out for the well-being of the animals and cannot be blamed for that.

  3. “If there’s no need, they won’t breed.” Why can’t I ever explain that to people who buy pet-store puppies, thinking they’ve “rescued” them?

  4. Lance,

    Thanks for your kind remarks and comment. After listening to that part of the video again, it’s clear that you are wrong.


  5. Hmmmm? Who ever wrote this did not pay attention very well. You stupid bleeding heart hippie libral, The were chanting “The whole mall is watching”. Open your ears and shut your mouth

  6. This GREAT!! I totally support anyone who stands up for animal abuse. It is time for the rest of the world to STOP treating animals like they are objects for profit. GO GIRLS GO!!

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