Chance to Win Vespa! (from Wind Power Innovator)

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Energy costs just keep on rising, with only short respites that allow us to stay complacent to pending environmental and energy shortage crises.

This has an effect on all of us every day. Even if we don’t drive and we power our house with clean power sources like wind and solar power, which use “free” fuel, the prices of everything are affected by rising dirty energy prices. Transportation of goods and electricity costs rise for most people and businesses, and those costs are passed on to everyone.

But, if we jump on the clean, green energy bandwagon now, at least, we can at least revel in our own electricity and transportation savings.

Small Wind Power Growth

While solar power is a well-known clean energy option for individuals, one less well-known option that is growing in popularity fast is small-scale or micro wind. As I reported over on sister site CleanTechnica recently (after a sneak preview of some new data on the matter), the small wind turbine market grew 26% in 2010. 8,000 small wind turbines were sold in 2010.

Furthermore, another recent report projects that the market will continue growing rapidly. From another article on the topic this month: “By 2015, the installed capacity small wind turbine market is projected to go from 50MW to 152MW.”

Meet Joe… from Dieter Sauer on Vimeo.

Sauer Energy’s Innovative Micro Wind Turbines

Sauer Energy is one of the companies pioneering small wind turbine technology. I’ve had my eye on it for awhile. And wrote about it here on Planetsave back in June. The company produces a vertical-axis wind turbine that is quite quiet, small enough to fit on houses and office buildings, and less harmful to wildlife than large wind turbines.

Chance to Win a Vespa from Sauer Energy!

Now, writing about the company numerous times, I think I’ve gotten to know the folks there a little bit. And I can tell you that I think the company is really environmentally minded and wants to help solve the environmental and energy crises we are facing (and is doing so).

In addition to producing clean energy wind technology for small-scale use, it’s also rewarding some lucky greenies by hosting a contest to win a Vespa LX 50 4V (maybe not quite as green as a bike, but clearly one of the greenest transportation options out there).

How to Win a Vespa?

There are 2 easy ways to enter the contest. You can:

  1. Leave a comment on this post saying which color Vespa you would choose if you win or
  2. Tweet the following message: “I can feel the #WIND flying through my hair when I cruise around on my Vespa! Thanks!

Official contest rules are linked above. Good luck! (Wish I was eligible to participate!)

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43 thoughts on “Chance to Win Vespa! (from Wind Power Innovator)”

  1. If I won the Vespa mine would be Green,  I’ve had 2 scooters before, a 400cc Suzuki Bergman and a 500cc Aprilia Atlantic 500.. Scooters are the best..  and best to put a licensed rider Rider on the FREE Vespa .. IMHO

  2. To promote the give-a-away’s cause of working to reduce our energy consumption for the health of our planet, I’d like to be entered into the contest for a GREEN Vespa. Thank you for helping some one person to be empowered to promote and contribute to the saving of our habitat.

  3. We’ve long been a forward thinking country and, though it feels we have strayed off path, I still look forward to finding out what might happen in the future.

    Daring plum.

  4. Wow, what a great giveaway! Thanks for the chance to win! I’d choose the Daring Plum! 🙂
    janeener (a) gmail (dot) com

  5. I would want a flat black!
    I like wind and solar, because it available for the individual to purchase or build. I think the key for the future power generation is distributed power generation. Everyone produces a little power for the whole to use.
    I just like the way windmills look on house! haha

  6. I’d like the “Midnight Blue” colored Vespa!

    It’s super interesting to see the expanded growth in the number of wind turbines. There needs to be more government incentives for wind farm production!

  7. James Zampathas

    I would like a blue or green VESPA. Wind power, and solar power both contribute to energy independence, for us as individuals, and our society as a whole.

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