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Greenpeace is doing some fundraising for a new boat, the Rainbow Warrior III, “the world’s first custom-built, cutting-edge environmental campaigning vessel,” to replace the 52-year-old Rainbow Warrior. The great organization it is, Greenpeace has gotten a ton of celebrity support to help with the fundraising. There are a ton of great prizes available to donors. Just to name a few, you can…

Before leaving you to donate, though, let’s remember some of the great actions the original Rainbow Warrior engaged in and the Rainbow Warrior III would build on:

“For more than 20 years our current Rainbow Warrior has helped end nuclear testing in the Pacific, blocked coal shipments to highlight climate change, shut down destructive fishing operations and stopped illegal wood from leaving the Amazon.”

And here’s a bit more on some of the great features planned for the Rainbow Warrior III:

The new Rainbow Warrior will;
• Have a helicopter landing pad to provide air capacity, critical when tracking illegal fishing operations, illegal logging shipments or ships carrying toxic cargo.
• House 4 high speed inflatable boats to enable our activists to take action to stop environmental crime where ever it is happening.
• Host an onboard media centre enabling us to send images of environmental crime from remote corners of the globe to the world’s media in minutes. incorporate the latest green technology.

Help support the building of this boat and try your chance at some of the great prizes above by donating today.

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