Car2go Comes To London!

Time to set-off from the banal pattern of cab sharing and travelling, particularly in London! Daimler and Europcar, with their Car2go service, have risen above the crowd, launching their avant-garde concept of carsharing in London (also known as a car club here). The carsharing service gives the freedom of hiring and driving off with a car and returning it when desired, without having to mess with insurance, monthly payments, gas, oil changes, etc. It empowers the customer, and comes with many advantages over car ownership. All in all, it makes it easier for people to get rid of their own cars, while offering the convenience of a car when needed (more flexibly than with rental cars).

No less than a wonder, the idea is trendy and assures a new driving experience for anyone in the city.

If you’re still confused a bit about how it works, don’t fret, he process is unimaginably simple: all one has to do is register on the car2go London website and reserve a car. Alternatively, you can opt to access a car via one of the Europcar locations, which exist all across London. Or, you can visit a real-world car2go shop in BOXPARK Shoreditch.

Aside from the possibility to reserve a car online, you can simply stroll down to get a car that is available and swipe the windscreen with your card to get in and drive off. This is literally all that is needed to rent a car.

The service costs 35 p per minute (~$0.56 per minute), and the billing amount is debited from the customers’ account.

The rate above includes parking, maintenance, fuel, road tax, and insurance expenses. The car can be returned to any parking space or pre-owned borough — not necessarily to the same parking borough from where the car2go was collected.

This carsharing service is now in 17 cities worldwide. Furthermore, “Car2go says other cities and towns in Great Britain will get carsharing fleets soon. It’s no surprise that expansion is in the works, since the current rental rate is one every four seconds, Car2go says, averaged from all locations around the world.”

Sources: CleanTechnica & Green Car Congress

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