Can't Spell HATE Without T-E-A (cartoon)

funny cartoon about Tea Party activists

Opposition to health care reform, threats of holy book burning, anti-immigration legislation, opposition to gay marriage, and the growing influence of the horrifically xenophobic Hate-Everyone-Not-Like-Me Party…WOW! Is this 2010 or 1810??? We are on a fast track to SCARY!!!
These hate-children of Palin and Beck are getting WAY too much TV time!

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7 thoughts on “Can't Spell HATE Without T-E-A (cartoon)”

  1. It seems to be the typical line of the liberal left who have had their thinking corrupted so anything that might be looked at as liberating is considered wacko and hateful. The problem I have with those who think they are doing these great world saving things is that they are being bs’d along with the rest of us and if America gets taken over or turns communist …do they think they will be part of the elitist group? No they will be begging just like the rest of us who have lost our civil liberties.

  2. Seriously? Members of a tea party are really that easily stereo typed? What type of tolerance does this cartoon say about the author?

  3. Here is my solution for you libbies. We split the country in two. We will call the new country Libtardia. If you live in Libtardia you get the following benefits. High taxes, high dropout rates. The government will tell you what to eat and drive. Gay marriage is legal. Drugs are legal. The worst of the worst criminals will always get the best rehabilitation and then be released back into the public. Heaven forbid that a child rapist murderer should be executed. Oh and you get to have all of the illegal aliens you want. My only dilemma is what to call the residents of Libtardia. Are they Libtards or Libturds?

  4. The right to dissent and protest is a valued American liberty. Part of tolerance and acting as adults, is while expressing our opinions, we in turn, must respect the rights of others to do the same. Even for those for whom we may disagree. It seems by labeling others viewpoints as hate, Mohr’s is advocating the censorship of others..

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