Canadian Conservationists Asked to Stop Their Loonie Campaign

An environmental group had been distributing decals that fit perfectly onto Canada’s $1 loonie coin for the past week, but now the Royal Canadian Mint has ordered that they cease and desist.


The Dogwood Initiative began distributing the decals in order to call attention to the government’s support of a plan that would allow oil tankers to come closer to British Columbia’s north coast. The decal effectively turned the water surrounding the loonie black to represent the damage of an oil spill.

The cease and desist letters told the group that their decals went against trademark law and the Currency Act which limits the use of Canadian coins. If ignored, the Royal Canadian mint warns that the group could face charges and possible imprisonment.

Previously the group has said their plan did not break the law because the decals did not destroy or permanently alter the coins.

“It speaks to the issue of oil and money in Canada,” said Charles Campbell, communications director for the Dogwood Initiative. “There is something subversive about doing this to our money, but we’re quite happy to go to the edge of what’s permissible.”

The group says they’ve had a sudden spike in traffic to their website.

Photo Credit: bgilliard on Flickr under Creative Commons license.

1 thought on “Canadian Conservationists Asked to Stop Their Loonie Campaign”

  1. Nice Try! A coin tells the truth! Foiled by a conservative corporate lick-ass government determined to sell out Canadians to Multi-nationals, all but Quebec! Defended by the bloc and an impossible to conquer language barrier, they remain safe from becoming fodder for American fires of sloth and corporately financed indulgence in world resources – we stand in admiration of such a great wall against the thieving dollar manipulating, liars and shylocks of the Multi-Nationals, corporate world, and as soon as the Liberal party shakes off its cobwebs, or the NDP moves slightly to the right we will rid ourselves of the leeches that own and operate our fine man, Mr, Harper! In the mean time we chain his ass with coalitions, and hold his job to the fire of a voting public at a moments notice, a whim by the bloc, a murmur of the NDP, a sigh of the Liberals, Hell, even the Green Party holds voice! Canada a functioning Social Democracy of the people for the people and by the people! Like Sweden, Norway, Denmark, destined to lead the world in Peace! We love you Stephen, now, cross the house to the Liberals and we will give you a meager majority maybe! Canadian politics – just like our Hockey, rough!

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