California Cat Torturer Strikes Again, Reward Increased

As animal control officers in San Jose, CA continue to investigate a case where a cat was tortured so badly that he had to be euthanized, officers now say there is “some indication there may be another cat out there with a partially lost tail.”

Mo, a friendly 3-year-old cat who lived at an apartment complex, was found with rubber bands tied around his paws, neck and tail. By the time he gained treatment from the resulting wounds, it was clear he would continue to suffer and Mo had to be euthanized.

Mo’s death prompted dozens of residents to contribute to a reward fund for information that would lead to the conviction of the person or persons who hurt Mo. The amount has grown to $6,000, including $2,500 offered by PETA. “People have been donating from $5 to $500. To me, every dollar is worth the same. It’s the meaning behind it,” said Beverley Andalora, president of PAWS for San Jose Animal Care & Services.

Animal cruelty charges can be either a misdemeanor or felony, and punishment could include imprisonment in the county jail or state prison and a fine. If the suspect is under age 18, the case would be handled in juvenile court. Beverly added, “Some people might say, ‘It’s just a stray cat,’ but it’s wrong to torture any life.”

Donations can be made to the Mo Reward Fund by visiting PAWS for SJACS.

Photo Credit: naitokz on Flickr under Creative Commons license.

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