CA State Bill Seeks Disclosure from Bottled Water Companies

Where does your bottled water originate? Is the company bottling public water and selling it for profit?


Most water companies try their hardest to hide this information, but if a new bill that just was approved by committee today in the California state assembly takes hold, the companies would be forced to sing a different tune.

Assembly bill 201, sponsored by the nonprofit Food & Water Watch, would require that all bottling companies disclose to the public the quantity of water they extract, the source of the water, and whether the source is public or privately owned.

The East Bay Municipal Utility District, AFSCME, Clean Water Action, the Planning and Conservation League, the California Coastkeeper Alliance and many other community and conservation groups have endorsed the bill.

“We applaud Assembly Member Fuentes and the California State Assembly Committee on Environmental Safety and Toxic Materials for their support of water bottling disclosure,” said Mark Schlosberg, California director of Food & Water Watch. “Given the water shortages California is facing, it is more important than ever that Californians be able to monitor how much water is being taken from their local communities by large corporate bottlers.”

Photo Credit: Klearchos Kapoutsis on Flickr under Creative Commons license.

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