Taxpayer Bailout for BP?

Take action below and tell your Senators that you don’t want to pay for BP’s oil spill.


This is hard to believe, to be honest, even considering who it is coming from.

Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska wants taxpayers to foot the bill for BP’s Gulf of Mexico oil spill. She has proposed that BP pay for the first five days of clean-up (approximately $75,000,000) and that taxpayers cover the rest (over $560,000,000 and counting). Wow.

On a wonderful action page with a constantly moving ticker showing the increasing cost of cleaning up BP’s oil spill, writes:

As the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig continues to spill over 1 million gallons of oil into the Gulf every day, Republicans are demanding less regulation for companies like BP and Transocean while also looking for a taxpayer-funded bailout of BP.

After a month of oil spewing into the Gulf, the cost of cleaning up BP’s mess is $542 million and counting. But a group of Republican senators lead by Lisa Murkowski of Alaska want the company to only pay for about the first five days of the cleanup and put taxpayers on the hook for everything else.

It’s a straight-up bailout for BP, and it’s outrageous.

Go to the action page and take action now.

Furthermore, if you want to really help in not subsidizing these types of environmental disasters, stop driving or drive less. This is Bike Month and today is actually Bike to Work Day — consider getting on your bike, riding transit, carpooling, skateboarding or whatever strikes your fancy today, tomorrow and so on!

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Image Credit: screenshot of “Cost of Cleanup” ticker.

6 thoughts on “Taxpayer Bailout for BP?”

  1. The damage is already done! Oil blobs have arrived on Florida's beaches! BP's foolishness has increased the flow rate, and even if all oil is shut off by August, the Environment will never be the same! Nuclear Energy did this at Chernobyl! America needs a severe paradigm shift towards Solar, Wave, Wind Hydro, Tidal and Geothermal electric energy sources to avoid more disasters of this kind! But Will America change? No way! We will grub out the last drop of crude, pay anything the world demands for it , stuff it into V-8 engines and continue with the Status Quo, just on our own inertia, until all our money and clean environment are destroyed – our propagandists have deemed this to be, and we follow like sheep to and early and ugly demise! The gulf disster hardly the first in the quest for cheap oil, the Canadian Tar Sands a ruination story came first! Ruining Canada doesn't count, neither does ruining Florida's beaches – stings a little but we still fill our tanks, turn up the factory air, and drive to work on our daily commute and we have no choice – this is the American destiny, corporatists propagandists will comfort us with lies and half – truths along the way, the theaters and T.V. will rationalize each step to the bottom. Computers will glow late into the night feeding diversionary porn to the masses, and America will sink in her own Nuclear and oil contaminated environment to the bottom, making ROI all the way down! The wise men who bet on this prediction, living comfortably in sunny and unpolluted tax havens, betting on just when and how we go down, shorting all the way down, will have the last laugh when all is said and done! They will have survived the race to the bottom!

  2. One way or another, somebody needs to get money moving in the Gulf, in order to rescue our Coasts! BEFORE it's too late!

  3. Why am I not surprized? I made a comment the other day how the consumers were going to pay for this. I hope Alaska tells their Senator where she can go. I know we are going to pay for this, but what I would like to know is where are these jobs for the taxespayer at so that we can afford to pay . Why don't all these Senators, Congressmen, CEO's, etc. take up a collect out of their own money and fix this mess. I don't know about anyone else, but they bled me dry.

  4. I wonder if Lady Lisa has an off shore bank account. I'm sure BP would be happy to top it off if they haven't already.

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