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Ric & Lincoln O'Barry Blood Dolphins

Animal Planet’s Blood Dolphins continues the story of The Cove, beginning August 27.

I wrote last week about the next project from Louie Psihoyos, the director of The Cove — a 3D film titled The Singing Planet: The whole world is singing, we just haven’t been listening — but The Cove, itself, is not only a movie of the past now. Animal Planet has a new miniseries based off this Academy Award-winning film, Blood Dolphins, that will start next Friday, August 27.

Maybe, if you’re up-to-date with TV programming, this isn’t news to you, but as one who is not very aware of what’s on television these days, this is exciting news to me!

The show will feature “world-renowned dolphin activist Ric O’Barry (the former Flipper trainer).”

Grace Suriel of Animal Planet writes:

The topic of dolphin slaughter is still a fresh topic, though the film The Cove astounded audiences nearly a year ago. Since the filming of The Cove and subsequently our 3-part Animal Planet miniseries, Blood Dolphins, there is still a shocking number of slaughters a year. In fact, the official “killing season” as it’s often sadly referred to begins September 1 in Taiji, Japan. (Taiji is also known as “The Cove.”)

Beyond slaughter, Blood Dolphins investigates dolphin trade and captivity — terms that Ric O’Barry refers to as the underpin of why the slaughter happens in the first place. The series, which is told through the voices of Ric and his son, Lincoln O’Barry (activist/filmmaker), premieres August 27, at 11 PM ET/PT, after the two-hour Whale Wars finale.

I wish I could watch the series, but hope plenty of others will and will make some use of it.

Photo via Grace Suriel of Animal Planet

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  1. I have heard about the dolphin slaughter before but never witness it, it was one of the most gruesome an saddening sights I have every had to watch, it ranks up there with the slaughter of the baby fur seals in Canada, which I have voiced outrage over an by preseverence we have almost put a halt to that deadly slaughter, maybe through boycott we can do the same for the innocent dolphins, Im on board.

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