Bill McKibben on's Next Move: Take Down Oil Subsidies


You may have seen this by now, but if not, this is Bill McKibben and’s next move on trying to stop global warming:

Yep, boils down to: let’s cut oil subsidies!

I think, personally, the effort could be directed to something even more worthwhile: better support for clean energy. Oil subsidies need to go, but oil companies are making record profits and can just swallow those subsidies without changing “business as usual” much. Getting solar, wind, EVs, and mass transit even more competitive and more attractive than they already are could create big change, though. It may be a harder battle, or may not be, but I think that should be the #2 focus… behind putting a price on global warming pollution.

Nonetheless, cutting oil company subsidies is a noble cause. So, here’s’s call to action:

Please take a minute to add your name to the petition calling for Congress to put an end to fossil fuel subsidies.

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