Bill McKibben & ~70 Others Arrested

The opposition to the Tar Sands XL pipeline just heated up a notch. Leading environmentalist & founder of just got arrested, as well as about 70 other folks. Here’s more from the Facebook page:

NEWS FLASH: Bill McKibben was just arrested, alongside over 70 other brave souls, for peacefully stepping up/sitting down for our future. Today begins a two week wave of civil disobedience at the White House, to stop a nearly 2,000 mile oil pipeline from Canada’s Tar Sands to the shores of Texas (aka the Keystone XL). If you’re inspired, add your name: & send your solidarity: this is just the beginning.

Protests are scheduled from today until September 3. As I wrote last night, Obama’s decision on the Tar Sands is going to be his make-or-break with a lot of (maybe most) environmentalists.

I first got the news about McKibben’s arrest from a writer over on one of our sister blogs, EcoLocalizer, who did a good job of summarizing the growing momentum against the Tar Sands:

The event is powered by a simmering movement that includes scientists, celebrities, and environmental activists. Jason Box, a climate scientist, is taking part. He has said: “I couldn’t maintain my self-respect if I didn’t go”. He will take part in a three-day block of activism toward the end of the event run. Activists have signed up for scheduled stays at the protest, of which Bill McKibben said: “Our currency for these two weeks is our bodies, our spirit and our creativity.” He admitted a willingness to endure arrest for this cause.

I’ll keep you updated if any more big news breaks on this front.

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